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Simple play ideas

At Play Adventures you will find simple play ideas that will nurture children’s imagination and curiosity. Now linked to the Early Years Framework, these ideas are designed to make your planning easier.


Small World Play

We love small world play and so do children! Give them the opportunity to delve into their imaginations and discover the beauty of small world play.


Play Dough Inspiration

Play Dough is a staple of Early Childhood settings. Learn how to make it with exclusive hints and tips. Plus find plenty of inspiration to engage the children.


Toddler Play

Looking for ideas to keep the 2-3 year olds busy? Look no further. Here you will find plenty of simple and engaging play ideas for the toddlers in your care.

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High Quality Resources

Resources are an integral part to every Early Childhood setting. This is why we only choose high quality, open-ended toys that will not only last a life time but will also bring joy through many ages and stages.

The most effective kind of education is that children should play amongst lovely things
— Plato

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