Salt Dough Cookies for the Play Kitchen

A fun activity with many parts for the children to be involved in. From making the dough to stamping the cookies, children can be involved throughout the entire process. We decided to make these salt dough cookies as a group mainly because of the beautiful play dough stamps we recently added to our collection. The children were constantly making cookies while playing with the play dough, so it was an easy step to decide to make the cookies a little more permanent.

Salt Dough Cookies.png

Firstly you and the children will need to make the salt dough. We made one batch and then divided it in to three balls. One ball we left white, one we coloured with red food dye and one we coloured with cocoa powder.

The recipe for the salt dough is:

  • 2 cups of flour

  • 1 cup of salt

  • 1 cup of water

Mix the dry ingredients together, make a well in the centre and add the water. Stir until a ball is formed which you can knead on a floured surface.

Making Salt Dough Cookies.png

Once you have made the salt dough the children can roll it into small balls (just like making real cookies). They can then choose which stamp they want to press into it and then the cookies are ready to be dried.

You can either bake them in the oven at 180 degrees celsius, or you can let them air dry. Once they are ready the children can use them in the play kitchen. They have most certainly been popular here, the children love to plate them up and offer them to their friends!

Playing with Salt Dough Cookies.png

Early Years Learning Framework

Outcome 4 - Children are confident and involved learners

4.3 - Children transfer and adapt what they have learned from one context to another

This Activity is for:

  • Children who love to play in the play kitchen

  • Children showing an interest in mixing

  • Children who are drawn to play dough

Encourage children to:

  • Take turns and follow instructions to make salt dough

  • Relate the experience to home experiences such as helping to bake at home

  • Work collaboratively

  • Use the cookies in their imaginary play in the play kitchen

Extend on this by:

  • Creating a bakery role play

  • Creating a sweets shop role play

  • Use salt dough to make other pretend food

Simplify this by:

  • Providing as much adult support as needed for each child

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