Pasta Towers

Creating pasta towers is a fun and challenging experience that helps children to work on their fine motor skills. Set up in this manner it invites the children to engage with it and more often than not they will start to thread the pieces of pasta without any direction from you.

Pasta Threading Set Up.png

The sticks are actually chop sticks. I found them to be better to use than skewers as they are thicker and more sturdy, plus there is no sharp point at the end to worry about. Simple stand them up using a ball of play dough and put the large penne pasta pieces next to them.

Pasta Threading.png

The children will stack the pieces of pasta onto the chop stick as far as they can which is also a good lesson in trial and error and cause and effect.

Threading with Pasta.png

Of course they will also find other ways to play with the pasta too!

Playing with Pasta.png

Early Years Learning Framework

Outcome 3 - Children have a strong sense of wellbeing

3.2 - Children take increasing responsibility for their own health and physical wellbeing

This Activity is for:

  • Children who are beginning to develop more complex fine motor skills

  • Children whose fine motor skills need improvement

Encourage children to:

  • Use one hand to thread the pasta onto the chop sticks

  • Try with both their left and right hand

Extend on this by:

  • Counting the pasta in each tower as it gets higher

  • Colour the pasta and make patterns with them

Simplify this by:

  • Creating an individual station with one chop stick and the correct amount of pasta to make one tower

Pasta Threading Pinterest.png