Construction Small World Play

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Diggers, dump trucks and construction sites provide such a fascination for children don’t they?! We can’t go past a construction site without pointing out the machinery and likewise books about diggers are always popular here too!

Construction Play on the Tuff Tray.png

We have set this construction site small world play up several times now and it has been a hit every time. The children love to use these perfect little diggers and dump trucks to transport the rocks around the roads and create their own little stories!

Construction Small World.png

The table is a tuff tray and stand which we bought from Invitation to Play and Modern Teaching Aids. The fake grass which has been cut to size was purchased from Bunnings as well as the various rocks. The diggers and dump trucks were from Kmart and the Way to Play Road was purchased from The Creative Toy Shop.

Diggers and Way To Play Road.png

Put them all together and you can create an engaging small world play experience that allows children to use play to follow their interests, use their imagination and contribute to shared play with their friends. We absolutely love small world play here and love to watch the children’s imaginations shine through when they engage with it.

Diggers Small World.png
Dumptruck Small World.png

Early Years Learning Framework

Outcome 4 - Children are confident and involved learners

4.1 - Children develop dispositions for learning such as curiosity, cooperation, confidence, creativity, commitment, enthusiasm, persistence, imagination and reflexivity

This Activity is for:

  • Children who are showing interest in diggers and dump trucks

  • Children who are past putting things in their mouths

Encourage children to:

  • Create an imaginary story to go along with the small world play

  • Cooperate with others to use the roads, share the vehicles and play with the rocks

  • Add other elements they need to expand their play

Extend on this by:

  • Reading and having access to books about diggers, dump trucks and construction sites

  • Add dress ups such as safety hats, safety glasses and high vis vests

Simplify this by:

  • Taking away the smaller rocks so that younger children can play too

Construction Small World Pinterest.png