The products listed below contain affiliate links. This means that I will earn a small percentage of the price for recommending you to buy them. These are all toys that we personally own and recommend from brands and shops that we trust. If you have any questions or would like toy recommendations for your personal situation please do not hesitate to email me.


Grimm’s Large stepped pyramid

A fabulous building block set that children will use from 0-8 years of age.


Grimm’s Large Rainbow

A beautiful piece to brighten up your play room. Children will be encouraged to use their imagination to create towers, homes and all sorts of creative ideas.


Grimm’s Grasper

All of Grimm’s graspers are beautifully designed and made. The perfect first gift for a newborn.


Way To Play Roads

Flexible roads that allow children to build their own tracks. They are easily washable and can be used outside.


Grimm’s Set of Houses

A colourful addition to small world play, train tracks, Way To Play Roads and for using with peg people.


Grimm’s Natural Stacking Bowls

Perfect for use in the play kitchen and for sensory materials like rainbow rice.


Grimm’s Pebbles - Moss

Smooth pebbles perfect for stacking and adding to small world play scenarios.


Grimm’s Stacking Bridges

An excellent companion to the Way To Play Roads, these bridges will bring an additional interest to car play.

Ostheimer Collection.png

Ostheimer Collection

A high quality collection of beautiful wooden animals that will be passed on through generations.

Grapat Brots.png

Grapat Brots

Gorgeous little creatures to engage the children’s imagination. Are they robots?! Aliens?! They are whatever the children decide!


Grapat Palos

These creatures are too cute with their big hats and eyes peeking out. They look like gnomes but could be anything your child imagines.


Grapat Nins Carla

A set of nins, rings and coins for children to play with. They encourage early numeracy concepts including sorting, counting and patterning.


Grapat Bugs and Insects

These wooden ladybugs, caterpillars and ants will be a wonderful addition to small world play and a delight to your children’s imagination.


Fine Motor Twisty Droppers

Sold individually these droppers are a fun addition to water play, great for using during science experiments and also to strengthen fine motor skills.

Untitled design.png

Magic Wood Classic Treehouse

An alternative to a traditional doll’s house this treehouse is perfect for using with Grimm’s and Grapat collections. The levels can be used separately or stacked together.


Handy Scoopers

Sold individually these scoopers are great for using with sensory play material like rainbow rice or beans. They help to develop early scissor skills and hand strength.

Magnetic Tiles

Magnetic Building Tiles - Connetix

A favourite for all children, these magnetic tiles will encourage children to build all sorts of constructions. They also look beautiful with natural light shining through them.

Orchard Games

Orchard Toy Games

Our absolute favourite game company. We own several Orchard Toy Games and love every single one of them. Perfect for young children and as first games to own.